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This is a thing

2012-01-25 17:17:11 by Typicalanonymous

I am mostly making this post to tell everyone on good ol' Newgrounds that I have in fact not died by some freak accident like choking on a cupcake or being hit my a small meteor. I also am making this post to show I have not done the unthinkable of... GASP! leaving Newgrounds, as I know Mybibliophile would probably track me down and murder me. ^_^ Sooo... yeah. this is a thing. Enjoy Gurren Lagann.

This is a thing


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2012-01-25 18:01:23

well its good to see you are among the living still

Typicalanonymous responds:

Indeed I am, Mr. Viper. How fare you on this auspicious evening?


2012-01-26 00:19:50

thank you
and I would
so don't
I'm gonna go fall asleep somewhere for a few hours here
good job updating your posts

Typicalanonymous responds:



2012-02-08 22:15:08

hey dude
how ya liking the redesign?